The Home of Karrbs is Changing!

Home is where the heart is, at least that is what they say. Well Karrbs’ heart is moving and will be getting a new home in server land. Due to recent increases in hosting prices at Host Monster we are going to leave. Most likely I will be moving to amazon cloud. Which feels like I am helping out a monopoly but maybe because I haven’t actually done research into the matter. I have used AWS once before and decided that since my current host was free (at least to me). Before I release any content I am going to take care of switching over Karrbs to new host…

In other news I play games at home too!


I have started a Twitch account under Karrbs but Continue reading

Vanished over night to be resurrected!

Karrbs vanished overnight just to be resurrected!

I am back after a short intermission due to some issues with the domain name. I have fixed these issues and will start posting more soon… So you could say I have resurrected the site from the dead, someone alert the media. In order to start posting more I am going to first have to create content for the blog. This has always been an issue of mine, even when creating a demo site. I would always use the lipsum text generator and yes that works but doesn’t always work for clients.

With that being said I have been pulling ideas from the depths of my brain. It is a scary place and should only be ventured to when needed. Some of the ideas I thought were good other ideas I immediately didn’t like so I threw those in the trash, or was that a corner.

So with this resurrected site comes new things. New things, I know what you are thinking what else could he possibly have in store for us besides awesome designs. Well I have tons of ideas and I am willing to try all of them until they all crash and burn or take off like a soaring rocket!

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Jam Session to the MAX! Now with awesome backgrounds!

A New Year,  New Backgrounds

It is a new year and what better way than to spend the beginning of the year having a jam session to your favorite music! That is what I did and the result of that is here… okay maybe some of what I did is here. Really it’s only four backgrounds for now.  I have posted all four backgrounds bellow. These backgrounds work on desktop, laptops, tablets, and phones! Continue reading


Back In Business!

Back in business!Okay so that is a lie I am just back to designing. I didn’t announce that I was taking a break, but I did. So I decided it was necessary to announce I am back and already designing. White Lightning will be updated ASAP.


Icon Pack for Android Coming Soon !

I wanted to give everyone an update on what I am working on. This time I am working on an icon pack that I am currently working on for android. Originally this was only going to be for InsertCoin but I wanted to give it out to everyone ! I made a promise to some people that I would release a version of this Icon pack once I had 20 icons. So before I hit 20 icons I wanted to release a preview of this icon pack… I wanted something Continue reading