Back In Business!

Back in business!Okay so that is a lie I am just back to designing. I didn’t announce that I was taking a break, but I did. So I decided it was necessary to announce I am back and already designing. White Lightning will be updated ASAP.


Icon Pack for Android Coming Soon !

I wanted to give everyone an update on what I am working on. This time I am working on an icon pack that I am currently working on for android. Originally this was only going to be for InsertCoin but I wanted to give it out to everyone ! I made a promise to some people that I would release a version of this Icon pack once I had 20 icons. So before I hit 20 icons I wanted to release a preview of this icon pack… I wanted something Continue reading


Wallpapers released

My Wallpapers are released on the InsertCoin Market. Now when you go there don’t expect to much from what you saw the other day but I promise to release more wallpapers that are just as smooth. Remember these wallpapers were made for the M8 but they defiantly will look good on any phone.

Check them out here:

Light  or Dark


InsertCoin Boot Animations and Wallpapers

So I have been working on a few things for a rom called InsertCoin. This rom creates a wonderful experience for HTC users and so I decided I should contribute to it and publish some stuff for it. Currently I am working on Boot Animations and Wallpapers for the rom, soon to come I will be working on icons and maybe even a theme…

Of course I am not trying to forget about my own website so I wanted to give a sneak peek preview at some of the wallpapers I have been working out. Right now there are only about 4-5 but there will be more… I have a few sketches too… Continue reading


So I was going to create a post reviewing keyboards. I then realized I needed more time with the keyboards as certain features were released that would effect my review.

In the mean time I would like to give to show off some of my design work that I have been working… Keep an eye out for it!